Do you. Do it well. 

Times are changing and we must change with them.  As a company, we are making a few adjustments,


At the "hart" of this brand is kindness and self-expression and that is what motivates and sustains us.  We will continue to create personal items like bags, pillows and home decor but we also begin to offer project management and Design services.  Need help generating ideas for a fundraiser? Help organizing a group gift? a special thank you or a virtual party? take the pressure off gift giving for the holidays.  hand over a project that has been on the back burner too long... Designing a nursery,  Ghost writing and being a "second set of eyes" are all in our wheel house too. We do both domestic and professional work-- small jobs and big. Just ask.  We want to help fill up your bucket because that's what fills up ours.  

If you have a request -- Big or small-- shoot me an email and we'll see if we can help.  Best WISHES TO You and yours as we muddle through it all.