This face mask is made from 2 layers of cotton, with stretchy jersey ties and an adjustable piece to shape around the bridge of the nose.  It is meant to keep moisture from your mouth and nose from the air while you go about your daily life.  This mask is also able to be used on top of PPE including an N95 mask to keep it cleaner.  


Color Options: Adult size masks are available in either Black/Charcoal or a colorful pattern. Examples of patterns you might recieve can be found in the product images, however you may recieve patterns that are not shown. Due to high demand, we are unable to guarentee a specific pattern at this time.  Currently, child size masks are only available in child patterns. ALL MASKS WILL HAVE A GRAY AND WHITE DOT PATTERN INSIDE AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE WORN THAT WAY. 


Note: These are not intended to act as a medical device and will not protect you from inhaling any viruses. Always wear it with the same side facing out. By ordering this product you certify that you understand the functions and limitations of this item


Handmade Cotton Face Mask with Adjustable Nose Piece

  • Wash with mild soap/detergent and rinse with cool water.  Hang to dry 

  • Due to high demand, these masks will ship out within 3-5 days. All shipments are sent out via First Class Mail and arrival time will depend on destination.

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